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Affordable Health Insurance in Wisconsin

Affordable Health Insurance in Shorewood

At the Multiline Insurance Agency, we care about the financial and physical well-being of our friends and neighbors in Shorewood. Just because your company doesn’t offer health insurance doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a policy on the government’s marketplace. Let our team help you find the most comprehensive yet cost-effective medical, dental or vision coverage.

Individual policies typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • HMO – short for health maintenance organization, you are required to use a physician from a pre-approved network for medical care.
  • PPO – preferred provider organizations allow you to select a physician from inside or outside the network, although the latter costs more money.
  • POS – using a point-of-service plan, you must use a primary physician from a pre-approved network, but you may select specialists outside of the network.
  • HSA – also referred to as a flex-spending account, a heath savings account allows you to place tax-exempt money into savings that can be used throughout the year for various medical services.

When selecting an individual policy, it is important to remember that coverage is not always guaranteed. Our experienced agents are skilled in negotiation techniques and know how to deal with large insurance companies. Even if you have pre-existing conditions, we are often able to obtain better coverage and lower rates than you could buy on your own.

Coverage for Wisconsin Residents

Call the Multiline Insurance Agency at 414-301-7734 to speak with a health insurance agent, or fill out our online request form. As a full-service agency, we can help you with all of your policies, including home, auto and business insurance in in southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee and surrounding areas.